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Q1. Please tell me the purchase method.

Fill out the first number that is listed in [○○] to the number of each product, please send from the mail form. 
After confirmation, so we will reply the total amount, including postage, we become a method for you to pay for your stay at the paypal.


Q2. Do return is possible?

[Japan Guest] 
Returned goods by the customer convenience is not possible to be able to basically support us, after the commodity arrival If there are defective or wrong shipment, we will support you if you contact us within 7 days you. 

[Overseas Guest] 
Because such as returned or exchanged will not be able to hear basically please understand.


Q3. Do you also handle maniac title?

Stocks around the popular products in the "COGA" currently in Japan, but in addition to if you have such request even of goods that have been posted on the site "Contact Form" Please tell us your demands from. 
Popular Movies and popular than the commodity of title I will also Stock is.


Q4. Do postage much does it cost ?

I will ship in EMS. 
It is safe and follow-up services and damages system is substantial. 
With regard to the charge here please verify. 
Moreover, since there is also the countries and regions that can not be delivered, here please verify.


Q5. Goods Is genuine ?

Posted to that item is intended to ensure a large number of all purchase route reliable in Japan. 
Such as fake or pirated .. absolutely it is not. 
The manufacturer regular goods will be delivered.